Our Documents

Doc 1: The contract

Doc 2: Dewis Spicer

Doc 3: The islet in 1938

Doc 4: Our project in 1999


We inherited the islet Forewick Holm from our ancestor, M. Zangury, first representant of Cory Brothers a british coal company settled in Cape Verde since 1875. In december 1899, M. Zangury, our grandfather's uncle, has bought (doc 1) the islet from M. Dewis Spicer (doc 2), captain of the ship Glooscap.

The Spicer's family owned Forewick and some others islets in Sound of Papa area since two centuries, may be more. As Zangury's descendants, we are the real and unique owners of Forewick.

In 1927, our grandfather José began to settle in Forewick, it was very hard and cold but he succeed to build some houses and a church, he dug a well (doc 3). Our ancestor brought twenty sheep and he harvested some wheat but unfortunately, at World War II, he and his family got to run away.

He came back in Cape Verde, later he went to São Tomé e Principe Islands where he died in 1955.

We did not care about the islet until 1999, when we began a project to build again an house similar to the old one (doc 4). Three years later, we have been told that the islet was invaded by a unknown sailor, understood to be "Captain Calamity". Because we were busy with our own difficulties in Cape Verde, we could not care this new problem and we never thought it would become a such big headache.

In june 2008, our land became a ridiculous subject for the worldwide press magazine, because Mr. Hill made from Forewick a stupid Declaration of Dependency. He works on this project since several years, he published seven issues of "Shetland Independent News", a newsletter he made himself to sell some local advertisements and classified (£20 each one!) and to publish his pathetic theories. To get more money, this clown sells some Shetland stickers (£2 each one!) and uses to beg donations.

He created a flag and a currency for the Forvik Island. But for us, there is more important in this case: M. Hill, who lives in a tent, begins to sell our land, divided in 8000 plots of one square metre, with a crazy price of £300 (380 €) a plot. This impostor sells the Forvik's citizenship for £60 (76 €). We ask you to NOT encourage this swindle.

To know how we'll stop that lazy man, please click here. By the way, how can we trust somebody who lives alone in a grey tent, without water or electricity? Damn, what did we do to deserve this punk on our land? Did we ever build something on an old Indian cemetery? Hey old man, take your dirty stuff and get out of this place! Go home!
Your support

Help us to show he's wrong ! Some capeverdeans artists made these T-Shirts to support our cause, and as soon as possible we will sell them for a very low price, money is not our obsession (if it's yours, send us what you can).