Where is Forvik?

Forewick Holm is a small islet in the Sound of Papa between the island of Papa Stour and Sandness, on the west Shetland Mainland.


We will prove here that the Forewick Holm (sadly known as Forvik Island since June 21st 2008) does not belong to Stuart Hill and can't be used by him to create laws, to sell it or to assume any local title or position.

For seven years, this english citizen has illegaly established residency on Forewick - without paying anything to the real owners -, has begun to build accomodation, and, on June 18th 2008, he has made political declaration about the Forvik's past and future status.

As real owners, we can't let Mr Hill use our property and provocate diplomatic crisis with the UK. All his historical explanations are false and dangerous, and we guess that he runs for money and he hopes a cheap glory (the Andy's 15 minutes, you know).