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Help us to show he's wrong ! Some capeverdeans artists made these T-Shirts to support our cause, and as soon as possible we will sell them for a very low price, money is not our objective.
Last days before the war

CV Troops are leaving Mindelo city. Next stop: Forewick Holm!


If you've read the previous chapters, you know that we've got all the rights to react. In spite of our peaceful feelings, we can't let anybody ridicule, deny our authority on Forewick Holm.

As capeverdean citizens, we called our government to help us. We met with Prime Minister who studied our documents: with the president's agreement, he decided that Cape Verde will be at our side to get back our islet.

In 24 hours, our troops were mobilized and the first commandos left the Mindelo's harbour the 23th of june: obviously, we won't say when they might arrive in Shetland arquipelago, we don't want to help our enemies. But we're sure we'll win before our national day (july 5th), getting back for ever what is ours.

We approved the decision of our government to install a permanent military base in Forewick Holm, and also we'll give to our national companies a good place to begin oil prospection.

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